Thoughts In a Glass Bottle

Your are like the rain that washes tears away
You are like the sunlight that brings distance hope
in the rain.

You are like a tree that gives off shade in the scarching sun
You are like the wind that passes over me silently and without a care
You are like the ocean that drowns me and makes me lose hope.

You are like the earth that keeps me firm in one place
You are like an oasis in a dessert that seems so close
yet it isnt't even there.

Oh how much i miss you..

I miss you so much its like a tranquil sea lost
in oblivision
I miss you..

Poetry by MASTER J
Read 360 times
Written on 2005-10-13 at 00:41

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Zoya Zaidi
A very well thought of Title! To use a message in a bottle to express your feelings, gives the poem it's artistic quality!!! This kind of artistry seprates a good poet from an odinary one-'LIKE AN OASIS IN DESERT THAT SEEMS SO CLOSED, YET ISN'T EVEN THERE' THAT IS A GOOD LINE. XXX

a good use of words and beautiful thoughts well done.

Very good--a good image.