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108 years old

The latest comments that Lourdes has written.

I love lawn movers

limited to moan loners

What happened to Jack of beanstalk fame?

nah, thats a bluddy lie man,, but a good one

Roger Rabbit lived by the side of a busy road


Animals in the Wild are Rarely Ever Mild.

Dian Fossey would have printed this out and pinned it on her sleeve!
All of Leakey's women would. Entertaining AND profound, and it should be read for children of all ages!

Streaks of Silver

aww, skilled and wise and young Mother.
what a lovely poem about the best things in life getting even better and better... You give hope !

love, daughters

My burlesque queen

I imagine this poem to be quoted
between two somewhere , falling in love maybe, and he says "you read Rick as well !" she says "of course, its an English classic My burlesque queen"

It might just be you know, it might just be.

star gazing


A Scottish Prime Minister

ride on pony-boy, ride on !
Scotts are also better looking than da tommys
this ol hag loves ya anyway

Lourdes Congratulations by M.A.Meddings

Thank you so much Hero !

_ and all of you ,
my darlings at the Bay.
I miss you all so, and soon will I return, now as the proud mother of little Uma Fernanda. She is such a beautiful baby :)

a nether moment

this is a grand poem
the flow in which you brushstroke each word
I shall enjoy it
over and over again
Thank you

Silly Fears by M.A.Meddings

only the outside flesh ages .
A lovely write , the feeling so recognizable .

a dead metal bird

fantastic !


yes , outside ; the suicide alley .
Trouble is all we know .
You remind me of a fav Shawn Colvin song here.
Both making me smile

Grey wolf‘s spirit dance

you take me back with my people here .
It made me a dancer again
Thank you

Calm the River flows...

again , my Zoya , you took me to the most wonderful place
with a brush of your worded wings .
I am so grateful .
Thank you for giving me a river .

it was still night but not at all dark

just old
its hard to focus when in your ninties

My love by M.A.Meddings

what more to add to this poem comment wise ? Its all been said .
You rule the romantic-field with shining excellence SIR .

There's An Elephant In The Room

grew up with one
its still taking up a lot of space there
Im the only one petting it when back at my old house

thank you for this write

Inside The Storm

Postpartum depression almost took my life at 21 .
I still remember the darkness with shivers .
This poem both beautiful and hard to read , you did so excellent in your descriptions .
I also liked the form of this write , short , shifting and the last line _ makes this write a very important one .
Thank you mother
for this excellent piece .


there is deep beauty in the darkest sadness .
Here the beauty is deep in every way . Form , flow and setting _ painted so vividly with just the right tint .
If anything this poem should also be worn , like a long black dress .
Bravo .

There was a young lady from Norway

I would never let a woman kick my ass. If she tried something, I'd be like, HEY! You get your bitch ass back in the kitchen and make me some pie!

Katherine by M.A.Meddings


here .. roses before your feet

You are both such beautiful people . I am proud to know you .

Old Man and the River

and I also loved the photo . The way the man looks at you .
It is a great photograph that makes this poem so alive it shakes you by the shoulders .
Great work Zoya

Old Man and the River

this is a beautifully told educative peace of prosepoem . I want to read this to my children .
Important write this is !

Calling All Angels

To all of you beautiful friends of mine who got so worried after reading this ; I am fine and so is my unborn . This was written for a different unborn .
I know sometimes I move uncomfortably close to my own reality , therefor I have an ambivalent relationship to so many of my own writings .
Thank you for your concern .

Raw Woman You by M.A.Meddings

ay , to be loved like that ... *sigh ..
She so lucky
Beautifully written

You Are

and you ..
you are so beautiful and skilled

*proud daughter

the orchard

yeah .. dots .. never cared for them anyway .. erase


solitude stands in the doorway


You introduced yourself

to pearldive you would need to hold your breath for quite a long time , can you do that ?
and what kind of jazz was that

There was a young lady from Norway

but along came tha damned assurance and ruined it all

I say
chalalalalalalalala kidakida

There was a young lady from Norway

this is worth reading

I knew you had not forgotten me

Daniel L. James

Congratulations on giving life ! A beautiful poem and a beautiful mother you are . And what a wonderful gift earth was given this Christmas !


I am in love with your every dancing word .
This is a book, a rare lasting moment , a mountains view.

Daniel L James by M.A.Meddings

Welcome little baby Daniel !
A lovely little poem for you this was .
Joy to the world , a prince has been born !

i went for a drink dad

shit Ms Cannon . This poem strong . Every word resting heavy inside me .

Love point by M.A.Meddings an acrostic

azure eyes are never to be trusted my friend .
Exquisite acrostic , I'm glad someone stole the golden scepter from Em.

Haikus With A stranger a co write between Liliana Cucu and M.A.Meddings

beautiful this is , just beautiful .
Bravos to both poets !

I Stayed

this text is a beauty Mr Nunes

God Never Saved The Girls For Gilbert Roland by M.A.Meddings

God never saved the girls
For Gilbert Roland

loved this poem !

Song of our Souls (co-write with Kathy- for all)

wow. as Mitch Hedberg might say here :"Hello peace bringers ! Lets bring T-shirts !". No . Seriously . This is a beautiful song bringing hope . Well done to my favourite women .

Our Daisy Has Bloomed

Joy to the world for a new little Lockheart baby has come unto this earth !! Congratulations to mother , child , Nana and the rest of this wonderful family and good-wish-fairies are being sent to the most beautiful Daisy ever to bloom on this planet .
Love and more love from the very proud aunt , Catherine Lourdes .

What I am

a beautiful , high-skilled haiku that in its simplicity deals with a matter that need not be more complex than this . *bookmarked

Pillar of Salt

is it because it changes the world for a moment?

fell in love with this beautiful text of yours .

Pillar of Salt

only reality remains ?
oh no . reality can never destroy this . lets fight it . im in your army .

so why am I crying ..

I Gave~You Took

what can I say but mother , you take my breath away . There is a heart in this poem which will never stop beating . Wow .
*proud daughters



Philip Michael by M.A.Meddings

heartbreaking and beautiful

I want my heart to be torn to pieces…

..... to live

where the arrow of your poem points

(splendid write in every way)

Edna Sweetloves’s snatch (!) – Ananim lets rip

hehe , he is winding you up and you look so good with your fists like that baby.