jus a lil thing i thought up !!from the horses point of view!

Stop Slaughter

Am i not pretty enough?
Is my heart to broken?
Do i not jump high enough?
To you i did not try my best.
I raced my heart out for you.
Why was it not good enough?
I truly did try my best!
I had many babies,
I thought they were beautiful,
But to you they were all ugly and worth nothing.
I got wet and hungry as you left me in my field all day and all night.
I really wanted to please you!
But i dont know how to...
I wanted you to show me that you cared.
As much as i cared about you!
But you didnt
And i dont think that anything i could have done .....
Would have changed your mind.
You told me i was going on holiday....
I was excited as i thought this is it he finnaly wants me!
I stepped out of my manky trailer thinking.....
He saved all his money for me and all the other horses in here!
It was as i began to step onto the cold concrete floor,
And the dark damp room that smelt of raw meat,
That i realised he doesnt want me!
I cried that night....
I thought that it was all my fault,
I could have tried harder.....
But then i thought if it is all my fault
Why is there more horses here then i have ever seen?
That is the last thought i made before my death,
I felt alot...
After trying hard to please....
I wasnt even worth a decent death!
Im a spirit now.
For the first time in my life im happy.
All i ever wanted in life is to be loved,
And he couldnt even give me that.
I look down on him sometimes,
My owner i mean,
I still love him,always will and forever more......
But i still dont think he loves me back.

Poetry by horse.angel
Read 285 times
Written on 2007-03-11 at 18:28

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I am lucky enough to have had a childhood in which 3 horses played a very big part in it. Mine was called shandy, half arab, half cob about 15 hands. Beautiful golden brown with a white star on his nose and I believe two white feet. I passed him on to my sister for a biker in my teens, who equally loved him and now is a horse breeder herself. I suspect you are a keen horse person yourself? There is a real and amazing affinity that can develop between a rider and his/her mount. I felt it with my shandy, an acceptance and trust. Well done for showing up the vile trade of the glue industry. My mother saved a hug irish mare from just such a fate, that or horse meat, at an auction too, at that time. Unridable other than the real brave expert! She ended on a huge country estate as a steeple chaser. Thanks for the memories. Smiling at you, Tai