about a true story that happened to a magnificent horse with a tradgic ending

a true but very sad story

im going to tell you a story unlike any other,of love death and hearts being broken.and why everything around you feels fake, im going to make you take a step into the real world,where this is reality.where every second of everyday an animal is being slaughtered are you willing to watch an animal die?animals arent they beautiful!!the love, the beauty,the power,for what?to die?but how do horses get treated like this,so im gonna tell you about 1 horse in particular.....
listen carefully coz every part of this horses life is important even the end....
he was a 2 yr old colt and kept being sold to dealers coz he wasnt good enough and soon ended up being bitter and scared.but found a family who held on to him tight and he started to understand he wasnt gonna get hurt....he was happy and looked after but then they got fed up of him and sold him on again.... this time he wasnt alone !!!!!!!
it was 1 of the biggest stables he had ever seen and he had seen a lot,it smelt of raw flesh and 7 horses were squashed into a small pen without food or water.but with nothing to keep them alive they all became very thin.....
1 by 1 they all got taken away leaving this 1 horse on his own.and finnaly wen he was ready they came and got him,pulled him in and they werent scared of hitting him ever.... and as he got in he realised where he was and what was going to happen.and finnaly he had felt the pain that every horse had or was going to experience at only 4 yrs old!!!!but was able to live the life he had dreamed of in heaven.to run in the snow.to be like every body else.to be again the king!!!!!!

Short story by horse.angel
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Written on 2007-06-12 at 15:30

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