about boys nd girls. is just fiction but this could have happened.

hearts are broken

this shouldnt happen to no one!

girl: i have to tell you something.
boy: what?
girl: i really like you and think im falling in love with you.
boy: ok...
girl: what do you mean "ok"?
boy: i dont like you like that.
girl: why not?
boy: i cant tell you maybe another time.

from then on the girl kept asking the boy why not whenever she saw him and he kept saying the same thing "ill tell you another time"

girl: im tired of this tell me why you dont like me!
boy: do you really want to know why ?
girl: yes!!
boy: it because your ugly and whats the point of going out with someone whos not pretty!!
girl: but i......
boy: just shutup and leave me alone!!

the boy leaves her sitting on the bench,crying her heart out and then her mobile rang.

girl: hello?
mum: sweetheart ! i want you to go home ok, il be home from work in a couple of hours...
girl: ok mum !!
mum: i love you!
girl: i love you to mum !!!!
mum: bye bye!
girl: bye

the girl heads home and once she got there she went to the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror!

girl: im not pretty enough!!...

she set to work knowing full well what she was going to do.2 hours later her mum arrived home and heard the bath running.

mum: hunni? are you ok?

she opened the door and was shocked at the site.the bath was over flowing onto the floor and the water was tinted red!
and there was her little girl just lyeing there with cuts on her face and wrists,as her mum was about to back away, run and call the police,when something caught her eye on the mirror saying.........
am i pretty enough now!!..?
no one deserves to be told that by someone they love. if you think this is messed up think how that person felt.
a persons looks dont count, what does is the heart inside of them and their personality.

thnx 4 reading this plz comment on how you feel about this subject.

Poetry by horse.angel
Read 251 times
Written on 2007-03-25 at 23:23

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