dedicated to my beloved horse flint who got sold

I'm the only one !

when i saw flint,i saw height.
when i saw height,i saw colour.
when i saw colour,i saw beauty.
when i saw beauty,i saw eyes.
when i saw eyes,i saw a story.

the story told me about cruelty.
the story showed me abuse.
the story showed me sadness and tears.
the story told me everything.
the story showed me a bad past.

i heard the abuse.
i heard the whips and the beatings.
i heard the shouts and anger.
i heard the storms,thunder and even lightening.
i heard the tears drop on the floor.

everyone called him horrible,yet they dont know why.
everyone called him scary,yet they dont know why.
everyone called him ugly,yet theres no reason.
everyone called him grumpy,yet they dont know why.
everyone called him a wuss,yet they dont know why.

im the only one that knows and understands.
im the only one that loves him and wants him to stay.
im the only one thatrides him and enjoys the moment.
im the only one that goes in his box,feeds him and all that.

im yet and only the only one that understands.

Poetry by horse.angel
Read 274 times
Written on 2007-03-13 at 10:20

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so beautiful poem