about miniature shetland at our yard named rocky aged 5.....

palamino prince

so small but so very strong
at 5 years,gentle and loving and hard to find
trust worthy and understanding
very fast with little legs that carry him far
the palomino prince is all of that

takes little kids aged 2 up to 6

makes them have so much fun
although he canters off with everyone
likes to play lots of little games
very furry, hes just a small ball of fluff
thats what the palomino prince does

Rest never hes as fast as a rocket thats our rocky
Offers of food are welcomed at all times
Cute as a kitten and just as lovable
Known as the palomino prince
Yet very shy,but always sweet

Rocky is his name
miniature shetland he is
also known as......
the palomino prince
but the best thing is he loves little kids

X.thats all about the palomino prince.X

Poetry by horse.angel
Read 293 times
Written on 2007-04-10 at 11:02

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