another text from the horses point of view

Save The Horses

All i ever did was love you
yet this is how you reward me
you loved to ride me
you loved to groom me....
whatever did i do wrong?
i loved my mum....
but I lost her wen i was young!!
the only way i can see you is from heaven.
im sure it was painful to see me go !
but i had a nice life and wont ever forget you...
and what YOU DONE !!!!!
im sure you miss me,
as much as i miss you,
but dont shed a tear,as im always here deep down
inside of you!!!!!
so this is what you did to me!!
after EVERYTHING i done for YOU.......
i did my job, i know that but im sorry it wasnt
good enough for YOU.......
my brothers out there some where
i dont know where
i wish i could protect him
but i guess we all die someday
its ashame my time is over today !!!!!
good bye for ever its ashame you didnt love me and show it as much as i did to you
dont eat horses
dont kill horses
dont abuse horses
dont forget the horses
*~thank you~*

Poetry by horse.angel
Read 239 times
Written on 2007-06-12 at 14:58

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