about me and my horse jack...

Loving Me and Loving You!

I worked hard day in and day out for a long year,
in the end it was all worth it.
Why?I asked myself because.....
because i got you in reward.
with your black coat 1 white stocking and 3 white socks.
a beautiful blaze down the middle of your face.
when you came to me you were scurffy,
with a thin tail and bad heels.
we worked together
i brushed you everyday of every week till most of the scurf
was gone
swept it out of your box and said goodbye 4 good.
we banged ur tail and since has grown and looks thicker
your heels have been tough and weve fighted a hard battle
they are better now but the manger is in denial.
i owned you 8 monthes i entered a competition,
with all my friends and their horses.
i groomed him beautifully but lost 3 marks...
1 is because of my partner in crime im not bothered,
because the mark was barely worth a dime.
all is a flower a simple small flower,
a carnation to be exact.
i was standing with you posing for a picture,
then all of a sudden,as quick as lightening,u had eaten it.
the others were because my plaiting wasnt great
then we went in dressage competition and placed 2nd.
our bond is stronger then eva he loves me and
i love him!

Poetry by horse.angel
Read 248 times
Written on 2007-03-11 at 23:31

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