about most little girls......

A Lil Girls Dreams !

a dream was taking place,
right now in this very place.
why disturb it,
thats not very nice now is it!
shes smiling,
the curtains open,
and the sun is shining on her....
moving her arms back and forth together,
all curled up in a small ball....
flapping her legs.
and thought to my self
shes just like me and what a wonderful world.
i know what shes dreaming,
shes dreaming of what every every little girl dreams of,
once in a while.
i will not tell you this magnificent dream she is having,
as you will soon remember it,
you will remember yourself having a similar dream.
the wind in your face,
in the forward seat,
holding reins,what are these,
you may not remember.
this will give you a hint,
feet in stirrups and holdin a whip sitting in your saddle.
thats the same in all girls dreams,
the only difference is........
1 little girle is doing it as a hobbie,
1 little girl is doing it as a job,
all the others are doing it to be at one.
to be in harmony with their best friend......
this little girl is dreaming of doing it with all of those.
she could be racing in a nice full gallop,
or show jumping as a hobbie
or infront of the big open crowd.
doing cross country with a smile on her face,
or dressage to enter the olympics,
and all other competitions.
no matter what this is what at least once in their life,
a little girl dreams all of this.
at whatever age you could be 2 up to 95.
as i say little girl,
i am saying it not litterally,
but you could be 80 or anything and dream
this magnificent dream but when you dream
85% of most people will dream of them self being
because in your dreams the impossible is possible.
you are as young as you feel!
you must be sure of what she dreams about.
surely by now!
this is my dream but i dont have it once or
every now and then
i have this dream everyday i live!

hope you liked this poem
thnx for reading!

Poetry by horse.angel
Read 275 times
Written on 2007-03-12 at 11:15

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